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Dictation Buddy is a software-based program; the program is window based, which allows a user to record his voice from a mike or from telephone connection. The recording, by default, saves the recording as a sound file in compressed condition, which can further be played, send, edit, and publish as per discretion. This software program is used to write out a recording or for recording phone conversation either from single phone line or from call center set up if required. This program is compatible with wide range of operating systems like Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows NT/Vista/Windows 7/8.

There are numerous advantages of using the software dictation buddy. These features include auto sound activation program that means auto recording starts when the system detects an audio sound. Its auto save option works when the conversation gets over. The files get saved in a user defined directory with a file defined by a name format as decided by the user. The program offers bookmark facility as well as imbedded facility. Besides these facilities, the program allows a user to edit a recording; the program also offers the facility of playback of recorded sound files using fast and competent Windows codes.

Dictation Buddy is the ideal choice for different purposes. Some of these purposes are recording for phone conversation, for diving dictation, to add voice comment on a document, sound data to a website, and for due publishing of speeches. Dictation buddy can send voice messages via email. Besides allowing transcription facility, it offers facility for re-recording target text/content from a handy Dictaphone or from a cassette recorder. This software can be used as a cassette recorder, which has the facility to get something recorded from other sources. This program is published by High Criteria, Inc.

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