Download CoolSpeech

CoolSpeech is an appreciated proprietary text to speech converter program for Microsoft Windows planned and developed by ByteCool Software. It manages text-to-speech engines compatible with Microsoft Speech API to obtain read loudly texts from different sources, which may include email accounts, websites, local text documents, clipboard, windows keyboard input, and current date and time. This program can help to bookmark a text source which needs to be read in a periodical manner or on request. CoolSpeech has 14 days free-assessment period. After the assessment period is over, the user has to purchase a paid license including availability of free upgrades and unlimited use of the same. This program has some notable features which are worth knowing before purchasing its paid version.

The features of this programs includes listening to news online from specified URL as decided by the user, accessing local text files, HTML, and rich-text files for aloud reading, facility of converting a text into WAV file, listening to new messages from POP3 email accounts specific by the user, listening to words/sentences/types by the user on Windows, listening to text copied to clipboard with immediate effect, scheduling files, email, URLs to read loudly, can speak of time and dates in different styles, the program is supportive of Microsoft Speech API 4.0 complaint voice. The latest version comes with without channel update: update is available on Channel guide page.

Latest version of CoolSpeech can read the existing document with Highlight Play mode. In this mode, the words being read are auto-highlighted. The latest version of CoolSpeech is 5.0: it is very simple-to-use. In this new version some sample channels are set inside for the immediate use of the users for tasting! Users can also press F1 for availing help at any point of time. The program is compatible with operating systems like Windows NT/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8.