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Alive Text to Speech is, exactly what its name implies, a software utility that allows you to convert your text file to a speech or to an audio file. The tool is capable of reading all kinds of text file formats such as Word documents, MS Excel files, text from Emails, PDF Documents, Web pages, as well as text from news articles. With respect to the ability to convert text to audio files, the utility offers support for the following audio file formats such as WAV, MP3, VOX, and OGG.

A product from the house of AliveMedia; the publishers claim that this tool can be a beneficial utility for people who are visually impaired or users suffering from low vision. It makes it possible for them to read their emails, browse through website content, and even read eBooks with the help of this utility. Moreover, they can convert files to audio format and carry it in their mobile devices for listening to during travel or even for listening at a later point of time. This can be useful to all users, in this perspective, as it prevents strain to your eyes and allows you to relax while your computer or your smart device reads the web page content or eBook content to you. The tool comes with a simple interface and implementing the text to speech function is even much simpler.

You can listen to the text either using the default voice, included with the tool, or download other preferred voices from the internet and use it for reading your text. There are options to configure the settings related to the voice such as volume and voice rate. The application also comprises a Help function, which although is quite brief, will guide you through all the functionalities integrated in the tool. You can avail the tool for a 20 day free trial and implement it in Windows 98, 2000, NT, and XP versions. Another prominent feature of this tool is that it offers a clean installation and an equally clean un-installation process, which removes all files without any residue.