Smartworks - Project Planner Reader

Download Smartworks – Project Planner Reader

Smartworks – Project Planner Reader, as suggested by its name, is a reader and viewer tool that is intended to help users view and read Smartworks Project files. You cannot use this application to edit the contents of your project files or execute print outs of the files. The publishers claim that this is a beneficial tool for members of a project team who want to view the contents of a project file for managing their tasks. For instance, to know the timeline of a project, or to know the resources that need to be used for a project, or understanding the cost estimation of the project, etc.

Such users do not have the need to edit the contents of the file or manipulate it for any other reason. They only need to view or read the contents. Therefore, this reader tool guarantees to take care of this aspect. Moreover, users don’t have to unnecessarily go through the learning curve of knowing how Smartworks Project Planner works. Besides team members; you can also share your project files with your clients, partners, or other individuals who need to view the data included in your project file for executing their respective tasks. Designed and developed by Accord software & systems; this tool claims to offer the ability to view project data in different formats such as network diagrams, Gantt charts, or any other forms of graphical representations.

The interface comes included with all the important icons so that you can generate the required reports. You can download this tool for free; however, the freeware version comes with limited functionalities. The absence of the print feature is regarded as one of the major limitations of this tool. All the same, if you are looking to just view or read the contents of a project file; this claims to be an ideal choice for your needs.