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SikUp is a software that keeps a track of all your engagements, sets birthday reminders, sets up notifications about some important meetings. It is a small packet utility software which enables its user to easily setup their things which includes reminding personal notifications or timed tasks or synchronization of web timing in quick time without the loss of anything. It is a very handy tool which can easily be controlled and used in any platform. It is basically made for people who forget their database, which are personal such as contacts, notes of different items and passwords of different secured files. It is a trustworthy software as the database stored in this application cannot be used by different user because of its best security nature.

Developed by the best team of SikUp, which mainly deals in software development, related to project management and business makes it a handy tool for users. Moreover, applications can be launched and if anyone forgets his/her password it can easily be recovered with the help of SikUp. It easily manages your system and plans your schedule, if required, for the user. It even tune-up or tweaks your system if there is any error in your Windows. It is segregated in different modules to help the user to select and perform various task as per required.

After reading so many utilities of SikUp, everyone will be interested in buying this software. It is compatible and can easily run on Windows 7 and Windows 8 platforms. It has pop-up icons which reminds you about the events that you have stored in it. The best thing is that you can store your contact which can be easily misplaced by using a mobile or diary.

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