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Scripped Pro is a software, which is generally used for creating a screen play, with the set of options which this software provides. The eye catching feature of this software, is its web-based program, which has the ability to format the script to the Hollywood standards. The applications and the tools are pretty simple to be used, by anybody. Once when the screen play, the software provides its users with necessary options to add title to the script, and choose a template to add professional look to the content. The software provides forum, where the users share their ideas on script writing, one can combine all the ideas and form a new one, or come up with own new creation, after going through ideas.

One can customize all the templates and settings according to their needs and requirements. The programs developed by this software includes screen play, stage play, TV sitcom, audio play, comic book and general format. One can save all these files and programs in a PDF format, and send them across to people. While drafting a screen play, in the software, one should ensure that they save their work every now and then, so, that the risk of losing data is less.

If one wishes to know more about this software, one can log on to the official website of the software, and get all the information which they want. Apart from providing information, the official website technical help manual, which one might need during the time of installing the software on their computer. This software, is most wanted among directors and writers, and sometimes even the students. If one feels that the information and help provided by the website are not adequate, they can call the customer care service number, where the representatives are always available to help their customers out.

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