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Easy Schedule Maker, as the name indicates, is a easy and highly functional scheduling program designed for Windows Operating systems. This can be used either for an individual or for managing a team of employees, by scheduling their tasks and keeping track of it. The clear and prudent design of the interface and the powerful functionality makes this tool unique and ideal for a team leader who wants to create custom schedules for the team members, by using simple steps of mouse clicks.

The unlimited undo and redo options provided allows the user to try and plan the schedule till they are satisfied. This tool allows the user to instantly view, as a report, how many of the team members are scheduled at a point in time. The tool also allows you to manage the shift and leave schedules of the team, without a clash. Using this tool, no one can complain of clash between their schedule and leaves. Repeated works are avoided by the many features such as cut and paste, storing tasks and reading later, and grouping of employees in groups to allow group based assignments. These features also allow the team organizer to save much of their quality time. The latest version allows the application user to allow unlimited number of user defined shifts and leave types. Once these are defined, the user needs to assign them against the user or group. The details of the schedules can be shared with others over the database, where by the schedules can be understood by the other managers.

The application also allows importing of user details from simple text files in a specified format. It also has a reporting feature and the user can print details on the schedule of an individual employee or a group. The application allows the user to generate various types of reports based on schedules, groups, or individuals and store them in plain document format or HTML based documents. The application requires simple system resources of 16 MB of memory and hard disk space.

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