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Activity and Expense Tracker is a business software application conceptualized and created by SpiritWorks Software. This software has been designed for its usage and implication in project management and allied business processes. It is a very handy and productive software developed for businesses undertaking various types of project work. Any project undertaken has two major components to be focused on i.e. accuracy and timely delivery. Both these elements need to be tracked constantly and requires detailed attention. Activity and Expense Tracker enables its users to track all the above mentioned tasks efficiently and accurately. This is a multi utility based software important for businesses operating across various domains.

The best aspect of Activity and Expense Tracker is that it is easily compatible with most of the windows operating system versions, especially Windows 7 and Windows 8. Thus it offers a great amount of flexibility being accessible and functional across various systems. Activity and Expense Tracker enables businesses to keep a vigil on all the live and ongoing projects and various important aspects such as cost expenses and other tasks related to the project. With a user friendly interface, this software is simple to operate on for both beginners and experienced professionals.

With the help Activity and Expense Tracker, users can prepare invoices. This software also enables users to prepare reports both in soft and hard copy formats. Such reports can be transferred programs such as spreadsheet or word processor. With the help of inbuilt features, this software can be used to carry out various activities such as calculations, scheduling, task processing, password tracking and generating invoice. This software also comprises a universal calculator. Its flexibility is the best that is being currently offered since it can easily run on various computer systems. Most businesses in research projects can rely on this software for better results and timely delivery with assured accuracy.

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