Download Timeline Maker Professional

Timeline Maker Professional is a handy tool for those who are struggling to create a timeline chart using any generic software like Office tools and MS Project. Since this application is specifically designed for timeline projects, it makes life simpler for the regular designers of timeline charts. This application requires a very short period to understand and learn all the features of it, and has plenty of automatic features and charts available. The presentation capability of this application is another reason why a timeline professional needs to try this application at least once.

This application enables the user to create complex charts with just one click. It also allows the user to insert their own logos, as a standard set up in all the chart outputs. There are always corresponding chronology reports for every chart which can be generated to understand the timeline chart in text form. To create the chart in a single click, of course there should be event data entered for all required fields and this too is made easy through the input of data from Office tools such as Excel. The application allows the user to print and publish the timeline charts in different formats such as PDF, different graphic formats and web enabled HTML style. It also allows the user to integrate this application with MS PowerPoint for easy presentation. There are many other features included in this professional edition such as built in themes, easy customization, provision for adding notes to the chart, automatic or manual time frame definition, in built spell check throughout the application, printing the charts in all size papers and above all, an exclusive sharing function that allows user to sync the timelines with other users on their PCs.

The testimony of many multinational companies using this application speaks more on its functionality and design standard. The different features provided in the application for customization of various parameters provide independence for the end user to implement their own style of interface. The flexibility of integrating the application with other standard products is another testimony of its high standard and interoperability.

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