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Presentation Assistant Pro is the professional edition of Presentation Assistant and has all the features of its earlier version, along with additional features which will be presented below. This tool allows the user to make their thoughts directly on the screen by ways of simple drawings and zoom in on those areas which they consider are important for the audience. This application has additional in-built tools such as spotlight Screen, Digi-clock, magnifier, curtain etc., to enhance its performance and features. This application is a best assistant for those presentations which require significant demonstration and better illustration.

The features available with this application explain its purpose and capability. The user of this application can mark freely on the screen, with different color, differ shapes of various width, etc. This has an in built electronic white board, where the presenter can freely draw or mark on the board as they wish. The zooming feature of this application is its unique strength, where the user can select a particular area of the screen and zoom to the full screen. There is a spotlight and curtain feature, providing different shapes and various transparency effects. The selection of the background music is another minor, but very effective feature available. There is a high visibility pointer, used for pointing important parts of the screen for the audience. The live drawing option allows the presenter to make use of the presentation screen as a effective drawing board, with clear visibility for the audience. This application also allows the presenter to capture the screen at any point of time of the presentation.

The performance of this application is worth mentioning as it is fast and handles multiple file options in a seamless manner. The design of the interface is well planned and quite easy for even a beginner to understand. The customization of the look and feel makes this product suitable to any individual’s requirements. Even the simple features such as mouse pointer can be customized to your own style. These features make this application worth its cost.

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