Download Office Convert PDF to PowerPoint Free

Office Convert PDF to PowerPoint is a free to use software application that claims to offer its users the ability to convert PDF files into PPT presentation files. The tool also claims to offer support for converting PDF files into other Microsoft Office documents such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and other file formats such as RTF, TXT, and HTM. With this utility, you will be able to convert files without compromising on the format or layout of the documents.

All the formatting and images of the original file are retained, as it is, in the converted output file. In other words, you can re-use your PDF documents in any other file format without having to recreate the document in that application. This means you save time and effort and other users need not bother about installing a PDF software tool. They can view the file using any of the compatible applications available with them. All that they need to do is convert the PDF file into the format that they can view. The tool guarantees to retain all the original formatting, page layout, text content, images, and vector graphics in its output file.

The tool claims to be a standalone application and does not require the existence of Adobe’s Acrobat or Reader software utilities for its implementation. You can select the folder for conversion from the tool’s interface or even drag and drop them. The tool also offers support for batch conversion, where you can select the folder that contains all the files that need to be converted. Some of the prominent features offered by this utility are single click conversion, ease of use, saving list of imported files, and intelligent processing of large sized files. This is a product from the house of Office Document Convert Software and can be implemented in all Windows platforms.

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