Download Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 is the latest version of MS office tool which aids for the powerful presentations and is the well known tool for anyone all over the world. If there is a search for a tool which aids a completely Non-IT person to prepare a presentation in the quickest and easiest manner, MS office PowerPoint 2010 is a good option. This office tool has in it many features which have corrected the criticized features introduced in its previous version of 2007. The display of ribbon in version 2007 is now replaced with a modernized menu option in version 2010.

As with all other 2010 applications, PowerPoint 2010 also has the backstage view which contains all saves, shares, and printing controls used for the presentation. Since this version of PowerPoint does not restrict the size of file used for emending purpose, it provides us the option of compressing the embedded file. The most notable feature of this version is that the sharing of the presentation prepared is made easier and attractive. There are a couple of features available and as expected, it is easier to share the presentation with other Microsoft tools and products. Collaborative editing is another notable feature, which allows multiple users to edit the file at the same time. This will be a handy feature in case a presentation has to be made in quick notice with a team effort and the members are spread across.

Since Microsoft is well aware of the media editing capabilities of all previous versions of PowerPoint, it has taken due care in enhancing media capture as well as the editing features. But still we cannot compare the video editing features with other dedicated video editing tools. To conclude, we find that PowerPoint 2010 has established a solid ground over its previous version of 2007, especially in the media rich presentation sections.

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