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Designed and developed for various Windows based platforms such as Windows 7, XP, and Vista versions; GoToMeeting is a product that has been designed and developed by Citrix. This tool is a simpler version of the popularly available web-conferencing tools, and also comes at a lesser cost when compared to the more popular versions. Priced at $49 per month, you can avail this utility if you are a small organization or a start-up entity that has no more than 15 employees. Because the tool does not allow you to add more than 15 users to your web-conference at one point of time. You can send invitations to users as per your requirements and at anytime during the conference.

Moreover, the tool also allows you to use any VoIP service or a toll free number to implement audio conferences. Ease of use and simplicity are considered some of the many benefits that this tool offers. It also offers video conferencing features; however, you would have to sign-up for HDFaces to make use of this feature. Similarly its mobile device support is limited to iPad; although the publishers promise to include iPhone and other Android based mobile devices in the near future. If you are not a large corporate or enterprise that is looking at scalability in your web-conferencing features; this tool promises to deliver on its promises.

Small and simple seems to be the motto of the publishers of this software tool. Affordability is one of its major benefits; not to mention, the utility’s simple interface, ability to initiate meetings with one single mouse click, and amazing audio conferencing functionalities. Its integration with HDFaces also works well; therefore, the need to create a separate user login for this feature will not be considered a real constraint.

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