Agile Presenter

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Agile presenter is software designed to provide remote control on the PowerPoint presentations from phones supporting WI-FI. This presenter software is supported by many cellular devices such as iPhone, E series, Blackberry, S60 Nokia N series, Windows mobile and other such cellular devices. This software gives its user the confidence of presenting full slide of PowerPoint presentations having the overall presentation control in your own hand. With the help of this software, a user can easily present his or her slides without sitting or walking back to the computer device. To use this, some requirements are needed to be filled such as it requires cellular phone supporting WIFI, operating systems like windows XP or windows 7, computer notebook with supporting Wi Fi access and connection of the phone with computer. Its setup and usage is user friendly. To use this software, it should be downloaded first then extracting the Zip or archive to any drive on the device and then connecting the phone to the WIFI network along with the computer. Then to see its functioning, slides of PowerPoint presentations should be start from the computer. After having this software in your phone, which is connected with the computer, open the browser for the required uniform resource locator (URL) in the agile presenter software on the computer. Pages will be easily loaded if there is no issue of firewall blocking, then the PowerPoint presentation with some option buttons will appear. This presentation can be clicked for its smooth running. Once the presentation started it can be controlled from remote locations also through the phone.