Download What’s In My Piggybank (WIMP)

What's In My Piggybank (WIMP) is a very popular Business software program developed by Aaron Morgan for providing Accounting and Budgeting related solutions to individual. It is a Microsoft Excel based money management cum budgeting tool for providing budgeting solutions to individuals and to the whole family. Using this amazing piece of software program, you will be able to effectively manage your incomes, monetary resources and expenditures very easily. It helps you to maintain your financial position and provides promising solutions to all your budget and financial issues. WIMP allows you to track down your daily expenditures, incomes and other financial affairs. With daily financial records this application is capable of predicting your future aspects in financial terms. WIMP gives a clear and powerful visibility to your core financial positions and prompts you to look into it.

The WIMP application program has been specifically designed by keeping in mind the requirement of the middle class population.This software helps is users to manage their daily financial issues. The key features of this application include: amazing excel based interface, highly flexible and configurable, fully automated calculation modules, data entry sheets, effective worksheets for budgeting, recording, streamlining and analyzing financial behavior, graphical charts for better analysis and visibility, password protection system and internal help system. This wide range of features makes WIMP a successful budgeting application in the market.

The installation of WIMP is very simple and easy. The efficient installation wizard makes the installation simpler. WIMP is compatible with all major versions of Windows operating systems like: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista. An additional requirement is Microsoft Excel. WIMP makes complex and complicated budgeting job very simple for you. The Microsoft Excel oriented user interface simplifies the working much more.

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