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Vertex42 Money Manager is an application that is used by many users to assist them in all the financial matters, may it be official or personal. It is an excel spreadsheet that is featured with financial planning, and recording. This software also has a reporting tool that helps in tracking of all the expenses and incomes. These can be gifts or investments foe retirement. After the application is installed, the spreadsheet allows entering the data of the expenses and incomes in the cells.

Vertex42 Money Manager also has an introduction sheet that provides information to the user about the usage of the application. Basically this tool has five steps that it operates. It customizes the categories, defines the list of accounts, defines the yearly budget, records the transaction and tracks the progress. As an individual enters the data, tiny boxes open up describing certain informative suggestions to the user.

Thus, Vertex42 Money Manager provides suggestions and guidelines at every step helping the user. As the application is an excel spread sheet, it is easy to be customized and it is also easy to be personalized. Vertex42 Money Manager is free for all the users. This application is compatible with the operating systems of Windows XP and Windows 2003. It also goes with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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