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SuperCalc is a piece of tool which helps in performing almost all kinds of mathematical calculations. The software has a number of functions, which are not available in the other calculator tools or the calculator provided by Microsoft. It has the capability to perform basic two numbers in addition to the complex functions of calculus as well as complex financial calculations, which are beyond the scope of other software of the same category.

SuperCalc is designed for users of all categories from industrialist to scientists, and students to officers. This software can be made to toggle between the basic one and a scientific one, tape display is allowed with the help of voice read back of the results or the digits entered. Point of sale mode is an important feature of the tool, which makes the software into a cash register. The calculator also has 50 inbuilt functions for financial reasons. SuperCalc consist of a calculator and a paper tape.  The software has two modes of operation, where the user can click on a desired button on the screen or on the corresponding key on the keyboard.

The top window has the paper tape display, which displays the history of the calculations. The Paper tape is a very effective one and the user can print the contents of the paper tape or export them to a file.

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