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LoanCalculator! Plus is a handy financial and commercial tool developed by Pine-Grove. It serves the purpose of handling many aspects of loan amortization like scheduling payments, customizing and auditing cash flows, printing payment book and investment assisting. The tool is free to use for non-commercial and personal use applications. With the help of this application, you can manage all your budgets and payments precisely with the high degree of visualization. Moreover, it lets you have on-screen comparisons to keep track on all the transactions and compare loan offers. By using this financial calculator, you can plan future financial goals and audit the payments. It has printer connectivity and all the calculations results can be printed or copy-paste to other applications or standard XML or PDF files.


This professional calculator is specifically designed and targeted for accountants, debtors, financial planners, CPAs, real estate agents and bankers. It allows for confirming balances and record payments. You can calculate FV, IRR, NPV and many other financial entities related to loans for any span of time. Auditors can calculate annual rate of returns, prepare tax-statements and handle payment frequency with any continuous compounding period. The biggest advantage of this tool is that it aids in planning debts and analyze scenarios for its reduction and elimination. Real-estate agents can analyse rental property cash flows and profits for properties. The other office features include: balloon payment with loan positioning, loan refinancing and running multiple instances for fast calculations.


This software is tailor-designed as windows application. For installation, you require Windows PC running Windows 7/8, Vista/XP, Win ME/2000 as well as older versions like Windows 98/97. No additional requirements are there. Though, you can run the software in offline mode as a stand-alone application, it also provides network supporting environment. Due to its easiness to use and cost-effectiveness, it is worth for professional use.


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