Download KMyMoney

KMyMoney is a piece of financial management software mainly designed for individuals. The software has a wide number of additional features, which make it a unique one among other personal finance management software.

KMyMoney supports a number of accounts which consist of bank account, credit or debit cards etc. the categorization of expenses in an efficient way is another notable feature of the software. They are kept in tabs, and thus the user can navigate easily among the categories with the help of the tabs. A number of currency formats are also supported and thus the user can enter currency information in various currencies which can be efficient for net banking and other similar purposes where the company may not belong from the same country.

KMyMoney also supports online banking with the help of QIF, OFX, HBCI etc. Budget can also be generated with the help of present income and expense information. All these make the tool a must use for those who want to spend their money in the most efficient way yet. This software consists of a menu bar and a toolbar, which can be customized according to the user’s choice. It also has a sleek design which attracts all kinds of users.