Download FXCM Trading Station II

FXCM Trading Station II is an online software application that provides streaming prices as well as real market data in real time. It not only provides the monthly charts but also comes up with the weekly or daily ones.  Apart from this, the application also comes up with a number of other information such as superior order execution, trade confirmation, Forex news and its analysis.

Along with this information this tool also provides news on the economic calendar, market analysis and trading ideas. The economic calendar consists of the different recent and back dated economic reports. The 24 x 7 information about the activities of the market is also gained by it. For accounts that are live, trading ideas are provided free. The application has an attractive interface with customizable colors and fonts. It also has the location and window size features.

The new version of the application has certain new features added to it. Some of these are price controls and currency panels. In this new version, an individual can save and restore many items. It also has extended features of print support and extended messaging. FXCM Trading Station II is downloaded and installed and used without any charges. This software is compatible with the operating systems of Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows 8.

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