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FreshBooks is a popular online accounting software, designed to manage the needs of common men who run their business, and need someone to take care of their accounts. Like other accounting software, even FreshBooks creates invoices, bill clients, tracks time and expenses and manages projects. The best part about this software is that, it can work on variety of platforms, and supports more than 13 payment gateways and provides free client portals. Using this software, one can quickly manage things when it comes to transaction, which involves creating of invoices, and calculation of profit and loss, especially when one is about to take up a project.

The tools of this software is so user friendly, that the customers have actually reported that accounting has become enjoyable with FreshBooks. One can give a professional touch to the invoices which is generated by this software, by adding a logo or the company theme on the invoices. Using this software, one can receive payment from their clients through gateways such as PayPal,, and brain tree are the popular ones. No matter where ever one is, the software, keeps tracking the changes and the time when the changes place in the transactions and reports the same to its users.

One can have an access to this website through iPhones and iPads. This feature of the software has been appreciated by the customers a lot. As is now there has been no such problem reported by the customers, regarding its use. However, if one faces any kind difficulty or needs technical assistance, they can log on to the official website, which provides all the necessary facts and help to its  customers. The advanced feature and the cost effective price of the product has grabbed everybody’s attention, and this is the reason why most of the people looking for accounting solution opt for FreshBooks.

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