Download Financial Planner (Personal)

Financial Planner (Personal) is an effective edition of software that is helpful in the working of all the financial workings of an individual. The application is basically made up in an Excel spreadsheet but still it is powerful application. Incomes, assets, expenses, liabilities, cash flows and other more financial matters could be managed by this one single software application. The application with an easy interface helps in keeping in track of the monthly flow of cash.

It also keeps the recurring investments in track. The most important task that is done by the application is to keep a track of the total percentage of the assets that is kept for the user’s retirement. It can also be used in the hourly based wages jobs. This tool makes the individual understand the number of hours worked in a week to calculate the exact wage of the person.

Thus the application provides a multiple tasking facility to many users and individuals regarding many financial and monitory matters. Financial Planner (Personal) can be used as per the latest well matched free version but the uses id limited to a number of inputs. The application is compatible with the old operating systems of Windows. It also goes well with Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7 & 8.

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