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PDF2Word is a converter document form VeryPdf, used for converting the texts, images and other contents from the PDF file in to a word document format.  This software takes care to ensure proper formatting of the text converted in the word documents.  The tool also allows you to covert selective pages from your PDF document to be converted in to a word document file.

Simple PDF documents with text content are easily converted to a word format by this tool. However, many complex PDF files having many bitmap images and formatted text requires some additional formatting by the end user on the converted word file. The tool is very fast in converting simple text PDF’s, but requires quite a long conversion time in case of PDF’s with bitmaps and tables.  There is no provision in this tool for deciding the location of the output file by the end user. This is a bit frustrating and surprising as the tool has a default folder location to place the converted files. This converter tool is a standalone program and does not require any of the base products like Adobe Acrobat, Adobe reader or even Microsoft Word.

The tool always maintains the converted word format as .RTF.  We expected the latest versions to have the default converted version as DOC.  The interface is not that attractive and handy to use. This converter tool does its job of format conversion, but the users will be justified in expecting more functionality from this tool.

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