PDF to JPEG Converter

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PDF to JPEG Converter, as is evident from its name, is a conversion tool that is intended to help users convert their PDF document to JPEG or other similar image file formats. And in this context; the tool offers support for various file formats such as TIFF, PNG, PS, GIF, BMP, PCX, and EPS. A product that has been designed and developed by AXPDF, it claims to be an easy to use tool with an intuitive interface. The tool implements its conversion with ease and you can obtain your converted image file in any of the popular image file formats. The benefit of this tool is that you view and edit a PDF file, even if you do not possess a PDF Reader tool with you.

Moreover, the tool claims to be a standalone tool; therefore, there is no need for any kind of PDF software to be able to open or view the tool even before the conversion process. You can just browse for the PDF file using this tool and get it converted to your required image format. Another prominent feature offered by this utility is the batch conversion process. In other words, you can now easily convert multiple PDF files into its equivalent images, simultaneously. You can also select to convert a PDF file completely or only convert specific pages within the file. And for this purpose, the tool offers a preview option, where in you can view the pages that you need to convert.

Some of the other settings that you can configure relate to the color, image quality, resolution, compression in the case of TIFF files, etc. The tool also offers various levels of PostScripts that you can choose for configuring the PS and EPS for the output file. You can check out the trial version of this tool using its 15 day trial that offers a 3 page conversion capability. Supported in Windows platforms, you can implement this tool in Windows 98, 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, XP, Vista, and Server versions.