PDF to DXF Converter 2012

Download PDF to DXF Converter 2012

PDF to DXF Converter 2012 is a specialized tool that helps many users to convert various drawings from PDF to a standard or basic drawing formats such as the CAS, DXF or DWG. The program has been so designed such that it enables the user to automatically import any types of vector objects, text objects and let the user to add mark-ups or lines directly to the AutoCAD. With the presence of the AutoCAD application, the software allows the user to import files from the PDF to the DXF or DWG formats very easily and conveniently with a high rate of conversion quality which is being carried out in one easy step of the software.

The PDF to DXF Converter 2012 has been developed by the Auto DWG in both the trial and full version at a certain price as per the requirement of the user. The software gets easily operated in all the version of Windows like Windows XP, ME, 98, 2000, Vista, 7 and even Windows. This software helps the user to recover all its entities in PDF to corresponding DWG/DXF entities very easily. The company has improvised the software by giving some special additional features to it like it works with or without AutoCAD or Acrobat, retains colour in the DXF and DWG files, supports intelligent true type text with line width recognition, and helps to convert scanned PDF directly without the need of raster to vector software and much more.

In order to be considered as a whole the PDF to DXF Converter 2012 with its intuitive interface and provision of different languages helps the user to become user friendly with the software. The application of the software demands for a minimum requirement of 256 MB RAM and Pentium or later version of the system.