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PDF Image Printer is what its name suggests; a software utility that is intended to help you create Raster based Portable Document Format (PDF) files that can be viewed using any PDF Reader tool. You can create PDFs from any Windows based applications that are supported in all Windows platforms, after the 2000 version. And the implementation process is as simple as printing the document. This tool acts like an advanced printer device that allows you to create web-supported PDF documents from any application by executing the Print command.

Therefore, after creating your document using any of your favorite applications, you can convert it into a PDF document that is compatible with the Web or for any type of electronic distribution. You can also create PDF documents that can be used for archival purpose thanks to their high rate of compression. And the tool guarantees to create PDF documents of high quality that can be used for any of the above mentioned purposes. The tool also offers the option to customize your PDF output file, as per your requirements, by using the many preferences settings offered in the Printer window. Thus, you no longer have to worry about not having a PDF software tool for creating PDF documents or bother about learning the functions offered by a PDF software utility.

You can save money spent on procuring costly PDF tools and you can save the effort in the learning involved to start using PDF tools. Instead, you can create your digital documents using any Windows based application and convert it to a PDF using this tool. Simple and clean; and you task is done quite efficiently as well. The tool can be used for creating PDFs irrespective of the number of pages in a document. Moreover, you can also add header and footer information to all your PDF files. The tool appears as a printer device and can be configured as your default printer. This will be beneficial if you want to implement several PDFs in the course of your working day. The tool is available on a 30 day free trial basis, which also leaves a watermark in its output. This is a product of Peernet.

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