Download Imposer Pro for Acrobat

People who try to impose various contents on their PDF that have patterns embedded in them often cause the Acrobat to crash. However, it is possible to avert such a situation by using the Imposer Pro for Acrobat software, which meets almost all the imposition needs of its users. Thus, people can use this software to create new PDF from another multi-page PDF without altering the original file.

This software provides an extremely easy to handle interface for its users with options for the users to select the pages in their PDF that they need to impose, and the number of signatures they wish to create. Users can select from a choice of three sheet types such as 2-Up, 4-Up, and 8-Up for imposition. They also have five different imposition types to select from which includes Standard, Work & Tumble, Work & Turn, Sheet Wise, and Split Web for their work.

This software is essentially a plug-in and does not affect the original PDF file in any way including addition, rotation or shuffling of pages. Thus, users need not waste time trying to keep a tab on the number of pages that are there in the new document or about its setup. Finally, this software benefits the users even more by compensating for a number of factors such as creep, bleed, page and spread gaps, and plate margins according to the specifications of the users.

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