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Image2PDF is file converter software that helps its users in converting files stored in a variety of file formats into PDF files. This is a no-frills file conversion application, which users can utilize for combining a number of image files into a single PDF document or multiple PDF files according to their requirements. The start page is not at all difficult to get a hand of with all the program functions appearing neatly upon it.

Users can find Image2PDF handy in converting images stored in a variety of file formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and many more into PDF documents. However, users must keep in mind that the software searches only the documents contained in the My Documents folder while importing any stored image for addition to the PDF file. This seems to be the default action of this software. However, the software is extremely stable in nature and converts files within seconds.

The users can choose to either scan multiple images into a single PDF or opt of single images for each PDF. They can also set PDF properties and its permissions, as well as, encrypt the PDF. Users can also select custom page length and width while creating their PDF documents. Users can scan their documents with the use of scanner and then use those image files to create their PDF documents. Thus, Image2PDF can be of multiple uses to people with the need of creating PDF documents from image files.

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