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Several computer users face the problem of changing file formats each day all over the world. But this problem can now be easily overcome by using the advanced software tool called the fm pdf to jpg converter free. This tool is basically used to convert all types of pdf files easily to into image files in the format of JPG, JEPG and other commonly used and popular image file formats. This software is highly beneficial in successfully implementing pdf files and documents into data archives. The pdf files can also be suitably shared in different image formats. But this conversion process does not compromise on the original pdf file content. The original or actual document layout is completely secured and preserved on every page. The software can also be used to convert multiple batches of pdf files into several commonly used image file formats.

This utility was manufactured and launched by Frau-Mann in the month of April in the year 2011. The tool is provided with an interface that is extremely user friendly, intuitive and simple to use and understand. Simultaneous processing of multiple files is easily allowed. Pdf files can be constantly added to the list as the user desires. The software also allows tools to be imported through URLs.

There is an elaborate file queue that displays all the details of the converted file including its source and path, number of pages, page range etc. the features like the color quality, the density of image, compression method etc can be conveniently adjusted and set according to the users will. The images can be trimmed, rotated or resized depending upon the users requirement. Thus this useful tool is all set to make work easier and simpler for users by providing quick and easy image conversion from pdf file formats.

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