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ePub To PDF Converter is an amazing utility program which was mainly designed to convert any ePub file to PDF formats, but now is capable of converting ePub files in to any other word formats. As you know, ePub stands for electronic publications and this utility focuses on the standard formats designed and established by the International Digital Publishing Forum, also called as IDPF. This converter follows the standards defined by IDPF, which is also a free and open source framework for electronic publications.

Any eBooks following the ePub standard can easily be converted in to other document formats by this conversion utility. This is because ePub allows for inter-portability between various software and hardware versions followed by different publications. There are lots of research going on in the field of formats and text display of the digital books on different hardware. This converter program takes in to account all the variance and differences in the display formats of various devices. The output of this utility is having the least distortion of display on other devices apart from the intended ones.

Since ePub is the most followed standard among all electronic publishers around the world, this utility has got great demand in the market as many end users finally want to convert these electronic books and documents in to a standard PDF file. This utility is designed to work on all flavors of Microsoft operating systems. It requires very little hardware space and is free to download and use.