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CutePDF Professional is a PDF creation tool that combines ease of access with reliable and professional outputs. It is often deemed as a basic application compared to other heavyweight products. However, it packs in enough features to be considered for creation of official documents.

CutePDF does not allow editing of text; it has to be done in another software. Basic PDF altering tools have not been compromised with. Multimedia content cannot be added to the files created with this software. However there exists an option to attach multimedia files to the document. Text hyperlinks can be used but image hyperlinks remain a distant reality. It allows documents to be exported only in PDF format. As far as printing is concerned, the user can save paper by printing multiple pages on screen on one real page. Booklets can be printed using the software.

The biggest advantage of the software is its user friendly interface. Adobe Reader is used to display the pages and a word processor-esque editing window is used so that the user never has any trouble in figuring out the tools. The documentation is poor, be it offline or online. Overall it’s a simple tool that never promises to achieve great tasks but delivers whatever little it can to help create professional documents.

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