Download CopySafe PDF Reader

This unique application will help you to view any encrypted PDF files that you may come across. CopySafe PDF Reader is designed specifically to help view the PDF files that have encrypted content within it. The software supports only the ENC format of encrypted PDF files. It is very easy to use and novices and experts can use CopySafe PDF Reader with equal ease. This is possible because it has a user interface that is very similar to that of the popular PDF reader, namely Adobe Reader. The features and the functions of this software should not be a problem for anyone who is familiar with Adobe Reader.

If the user wants to load a file into the environment he can either choose to load the file using the file browser or simply drag and drop the file. The standard functions of Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader is readily available on CopySafe PDF Reader. Zooming in a page or zooming out a page and/or locating a file by using the search feature are all possible on CopySafe PDF Reader. Printing documents, navigating to specific pages or viewing the pages as thumbnails are all possible using CopySafe PDF Reader. The UI can also be switched to other different languages.

CopySafe PDF Reader supports various other functions like Vanilla copy protection and DRM, Computer validation with DRM networks and viewing print limitations by DRM is also allowed on CopySafe PDF Reader. The local time and/or online time server can have an expiration set for them. Protected PDF that is sometimes on display on web pages can be viewed using CopySafe PDF Reader. The software supports a total of 26 languages and can be used to open ENC email attachments using just about any email clients. More than one computer can be enabled per DRM account.

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