BCL Jade

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A product from the house of BCL Technologies; BCL Jade is, basically, a plug-in software utility for Adobe Acrobat. This utility has been created with the intention of helping users extract various data components from PDF files created using Adobe. This tool gains significance from the perspective that it is not easy, and in most cases impossible, to extract individual components from a PDF file; without compromising its quality.

Installing this plug-in tool in your system means that you can extract all components from a PDF file such as tabulated data, text, as well as graphics. And once these components are extracted, you can import or copy them to any Microsoft or Windows based applications and edit or manipulate them as per your requirements. This is one aspect that makes the tool even more interesting and exciting for its users. Therefore, if you want to use a specific logo or watermark image, or even photos or other graphical images from a PDF file; you can easily extract them and use it in any of your other documents, created using any Windows based tool.

Your tasks can be accomplished easily and quickly. The only important point to remember here is that you need a complete installation of Adobe Acrobat to install this plug-in tool and accomplish the extraction tasks. Just having Adobe Reader will not help. You can check out this utility on a free to try basis for a limited trial period of 30 days. This plug-in is supported in all Windows platforms and can be implemented in Windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP versions.