Download Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6

Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6 is the latest of the SP’s available for Windows NT servers. A service pack is an update distributed by the software owning organization to ensure its products to be current, with all the functionalities available up to date: till the end of the life of the product. This service pack of NT server solved the issue of Lotus Notes, which was a major worry for all email application users of NT server. This pack also solved another issue facing all Winsock based applications. The installation of SP6 allowed a user to prove if their computer was running the latest service pack by the introduction of the reviewed version of Winver.exe.

As for all the service packs, the installation of SP6 will automatically ensure the installation of any previous service pack version in to the system. If a server is only updated with SP4 and on that if we install SP6, we can be assured that all the features of SP5 are automatically included and implemented in the system by the installation of SP6. The installation of this service pack ensures the solution for so many errors and warning messages received till then. The most interesting fact is that SP6 is completely free of cost for any licensed user.

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