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Office Suites are a very important genre of software programs due to the purpose they cater. An office suite is a collection of some productivity applications designed to be basically utilized by knowledge workers. These component programs are bound together and use the single interface to provide you all their features by interacting with each other. Most common components for office suites are :

- Spreadsheet

- Word Processor

-Presentation program

A very popular office suite highly recommended for everybody to help them at home and office is Microsoft Works! It is a package that includes a spreadsheet application, a calendar, a word processor and more. Its purpose is to help you with co-ordinating everything from smallest tasks to largest projects. It provides you the tools that would make your tasks easy throughout. Stay on the top of your schedules, manage your contacts and budget. The word processor enables you create documents, resumes, letters, etc. with built in templates that you can customize. With the spreadsheet, you can keep track of your household budget, organize your to-dos and implement your plans. Use the Calendar to store your appointments and others’ plans. You will never again forget an important event.You can easily export your files to other Microsoft Office tools like Word and Excel or import from there.

Organize your business projects with this program using its ability to bring together tasks, resources and information to make them easier to manage and accomplish. Send emails to your contacts in just a few clicks.You get to access hundreds of pre-designed templates distributed into categories like Sports and Fitness, Home and Money, Cards and Crafs, etc. Use these customizable templates to create documents for any purpose or occasion.If you are looking for an inexpensive option for office tools, Microsoft Works is the best one!


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