Download Microsoft Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel happens to be one of the most widely used Office applications all round the globe. The new look Microsoft Excel 2013 has been designed to stay true to the original aesthetics of the same and yet dish out features far superior to what it ever did. Microsoft Excel 2013 boasts of a robust new look, much like its Office siblings and new noteworthy features.

Microsoft Excel 2013 seems a much better version of itself. Each of the worksheets opens up in a new excel tab and all have separate ribbon interface. The interface has gone through a sea change and holds good even for the amateurs. On selecting a data block, Microsoft Excel 2013 displays suggestions on totals, charts and formatting. Two of the notable inclusions this time are Quick Analysis and Flash Fill. While the former dishes out suggestions in the form of custom formatting, color codes and suitable charts, the latter is a feature which shows that Excel 2013 is much beyond the number crunching application from the past.

Microsoft Excel 2013 can very well be referred to as the most powerful and versatile spreadsheet app around. Automated suggestions for pivot tables, charts and a host of other functions make it easy to use. Apart from the regular offline features a special set of web features are also bundled in the same which only come into the picture when the files are shared over the net. In short, Microsoft Excel 2013 is every bit the same great app that it used to be and is worth laying hands upon.

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