IBM Lotus Symphony

Download IBM Lotus Symphony

Are you fed up of using the same old Microsoft Office and probably thinking of trying your hands at some other office package? Well, in that case you can go for the IBM Lotus Symphony. It is a free office application crafted by IBM for those who wish for some change. The Symphony is loosely based upon the Open Office platform, one which powers the LibreOffice as well. However, the Lotus Symphony scores over the other alternatives in terms of looks and performance owing to the tweaks made by IBM, the parent company.

The IBM Lotus Symphony has been designed to cater to the needs of almost all. This informative and spacious interface is good for amateurs as well as office people. The best thing about Lotus Symphony is the fact that it would allow you to open and edit even the Microsoft Word files that you have had grown accustomed to all these years. No matter what operating System you use, you would get a Symphony to cater to your needs. It is available for multiple OS platforms as Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It even boasts of a separate Ubuntu Linux download version. The interface home screen includes chunky icons which help you in churning out new documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Added features as web browser integration within the software allows people to copy data from the browser directly into the document.

IBM has made sure that the Lotus Symphony is different from the Open Office and LibreOffice. The tons of tweaks that have gone into the making of the same, makes Symphony one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office. Unlike its cousins (Open Office and LibreOffice) it even handles the most elaborate and feature rich spreadsheets and presentations, quite easily. IBM takes time to come up with newer versions of its existing softwares and would probably be releasing its cloud version of Symphony (Lotus LiveSymphony) pretty soon, until then the present version is good enough to be downloaded and put into use.