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NolaPro Free Accounting is a billing and accounting software that enables traders to keep updated and track all transactions of their businesses. It is usable for all small to medium or medium to large scale businesses. This software can prepare reports on customers who need tracking, general ledgers, bills payable and also include other reporting capabilities. NolaPro Free was published by the software developing agency ‘Noguska’ on February 2013. It is getting increasing popularity since then among business houses. The software has trusted compatibility with Windows operating systems like the Windows 7 and Windows 8.

NolaPro Free Accounting is designed with all the unique and the latest features to provide its user's utmost satisfaction. Its key features include recording the dates on the service labor page, it can automatically send emails while posting the payment plan, it defines the minimum amount that has to be paid while printing the 1099 reports and provides profitability reports on sales. This software has got the option to send invoices by automatic email to the admin personnel as and when new payments are entered. All bank reconciliations are updated regularly showing the calculations. NolaPro Free supports multiple currencies and easily supports all exchanging rates that increase its popularity. It is also available in many languages that include Spanish, Vietnamese, Afrikaans, Chinese etc.

NolaPro Free has the advantage of manually check writing facility and enables users to search for and edit stocks through the shopping cart category. It is extremely easy to use and has got a user friendly interface that enables the user to operate it without any help from software experts. NolaPro Free is 100% clean and safe and does not contain any form of viruses, malware or spyware. It is totally free to download that does not require any charges. Coming to compatibility, this software works best on Windows platform be it Windows 7 or Windows 8.