Lockdown Plus PC

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In the world of computers, new kind of software are developing rapidly for million of users. There are varied forms of technology available in keeping the computer protected from unnecessary problems. And with the advent of several kinds of technology in keeping the function of computer secure, Lockdown Plus PC is a dominant solution for desktop safety measures and suitable for locking down for business and school computers operating the windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 in use. Lockdown Plus PC provides you with ability to create accounts for several users world wide. The program is effortlessly accessible.

Lockdown Plus PC gives you the authority to control what is needed and what needs to be altered. Lockdown Plus PC protects your Internet Explorer and can make things readable. If you need to guard your computer from any kind of hindrance, Lockdown Plus PC serves the best. It stops the users to eliminate any vital files and applications and even prevents using of CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives, floppies and mass storage tool like USB Drives and forbids illegal changes made to the system. Lockdown Plus PC can be set in large organizations such as corporate companies or at school and university level. With the assistance of Lockdown Plus PC you can stop the function of USB drive without having any hindrance to the work process of Keyboards USB mice, scanners etc.

Lockdown Plus PC benefits large number of users like IT Administrators who use this technology to control illegal availability to certain files and folders in accordance with the policies of corporate or educational sector. Teachers nowadays create personal accounts for the students so that they can safeguard their individual files. Parents use Lockdown Plus PC to prevent the children from playing any sort of games, watching videos or interfering with some important documents. Employers all over the world use Lockdown Plus PC so that their computer machinery is safe from unnecessary hindrances like computer viruses.