VZ-Inventory for PC

Download VZ-Inventory for PC

VZ-Inventory for PC is a windows based inventory software intended to keep track of the hardware and software assets in your organization. It is a complete management solution for the IT environment in the company. It carries out the assignment of hardware and software to the desktops in a well organized manner. You can have a complete picture of your IT assets with the comprehensive reports it generates based on the information you have provided.

Stay updated about your hardware equipment and software applications and their compliance. Details about each PC including the manufacturer, operating system, memory, model, processor and date are provided in a easy to analyse manner. You can sort the items or search by any of these criteria. The software inventory gives you a quick view of all the software applications installed on the systems in your enterprise. The details like the number of licenses, version number, number of copies, manufacturer and the user registered for each are also provided for easy reference. You also get alerted for the softwares that are installed in more number than purchased.

For each and every system in your network, the program shows all hardware information such as network information, serial numbers, monitors, drivers for printer, device and database. If you have added additional information such as date of purchase and department, they are also displayed. Moreover, software applications running on every computer with information like version number are also shown. These handy reports help you track the whole of your network in a quick and easy way.