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Vladovsoft Sklad is a useful software which is absolutely free of cost. It is used in a warehouses or storehouses and shops. Basically this software is for management. It deals with a huge number of products. It helps to control the amount or quantities. It takes care of all the sales, deliveries and all the account jobs. It always shows all the reports and charts whenever you ask for it. It makes the whole process easier. There are some additional modules of this management software.

Some features of this software are : First of all it deals with huge or unlimited amount of products. There are many companies that deal with this software. You can save photos of the products. It is also comfortable with electronic devices like barcode scanner and barcode readers. This software is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.

It uses database model. It is divided into columns and rows. After each delivery it updates all the data. It is very easy to use software. It has export capabilities also. All the data can be exported to XML (it is used to transport data), Excel or other relative web pages. This software consists of an option for login and password so that you can keep your data to yourself only. You have to log into your program using your username and password.

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