Visual Inventory Control

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One of the most innovative inventory softwares in market! Visual Inventory Control is designed with a unique concept. It is completely picture based making it interesting and easier to be used for different kinds of inventories. It is suitable for any business that has an inventory to manage. One can customize it and use for businesses like medical, electronic, food, clothing, hotel, mechanical, gift shops and others for effective inventory management. Unlike other software tools that add complexity while offering functionalities, this program is intended to provide you the standard inventory functions with utmost simplicity.

With the picture based aspect, the program is capable of making it really easy and beneficial for users. The main advantage is that one can easily identify whether the part they are looking for is exactly the same. Also, it is easier to compare the received parts with those present in the stockroom. Even purchasing can be easier by the facility to view the items before ordering. It is possible for all the departments to have knowledge about each item in the inventory through the visual aspect. Even the Bill of Materials can be made visual so that the engineering department could view and verify the information.

The inventory module is made highly efficient with the support for barcode reader so that it is possible to maintain the inventory stock accurately. It gives complete control of the inventory to the user. The program maintains a database of each item with its reorder level, reordered quantities and on hand quantities. It even maintains lists of products, sales and purchases to make your business processes easier and well-integrated. An amazing choice for an inventory software!