Supply Chain Management System

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Supply Chain Management System is an all in one solution for your business designed to integrate all your business processes effectively. The most impressive thing about this system is its report generating function which helps you with decision making through precise analysis. Now you can have your purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, DOs and your inventory all in good co-ordination with the set of management tools this tool offers you. With this application, it is possible to track the status of the inventory in real time. New sales and purchase automatically make changes to the inventory. You can keep track of your sales product wise so that you can plan your purchases well. All these making your business productive at no cost at all.

The inventory module gives you the status for all the products you have. You can maintain multiple stores and obtain the quantity on hand for each product at different locations. The products information like those that need to be reordered, sales and purchases, outstanding sales orders and outstanding purchase orders are all available in the form of comprehensive reports. The program is capable of printing reports, quotations, Dos, purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, etc.

This powerful system is suitable for any trading business that needs to deal with inventory, POs, invoices, goods received and delivered, sales order and DOs. The tool is committed to helping you with management and decision making through maintenance of records and proper information on each aspect of your business. Try it today!