Download StoreAssistant

StoreAssistant is an inventory software designed for retail business owners to help them with billing and management of inventory. This program increases your productivity and profit by saving you the time and money spent on management of your retail store. Now you need not worry about keeping track of your inventory items and their stock. Billing for the customers is also taken care of by this simple tool. With these and other useful and important tasks like tax management, incentive management, sales management and others, this application stands as one of the finest choices for a business solution meant for retailers.

The program is intended to take care of the business processes from purchase of items to payment and sales so that your business runs in good co-ordination automatically. Purchase management is efficiently taken care and organized by vendors, categories and items. It alerts you of low stocks for the items based on the levels you specify. It offers you variety management to categorize your items into different classes. The incentive management module maintains the records of the incentives for the products you specify. You can view the staff wise, product wise, day wise or month wise incentives on specific products. It also allows you to add taxes to the bills.

Sales information is managed and presented to you the way you wish to analyse. It can be product wise, day wise, vendor wise, staff wise or category wise. The reporting function lets you generate and print comprehensive reports for the information you want. The program supports bar codes and generates them so that you can directly print them out. The database is capable of handling multiple firms at the same time. Moreover, the data of your business is kept secure through password protection. The perfect tool for any retail business!