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StockPoint is a business software designed to help business people manage the most important asset, the stock. It is aimed at making stock taking easy. With support for barcode labels, managing your stock items is quicker with this tool. Whether you own a retail business or have a large scale organization to manage, this program is sure to help you with its amazing features intended to make businesses more effective.

The searching and filtering ability makes finding stock quick and easy. One can create unlimited number of items for your stock. The program creates unique item codes for the stock items automatically for effective organization of your stock. For the movement based calculation of stock value, the program lets you choose from FIFO, LIFO, LVFO, HVFO for all of the stock items. You can also create states to assign to the stock so that you can represent different situations. It is also possible to assign nominal codes and tax codes to the stock. With this facility, third party applications can generate tax returns and balance sheet reports.

Not only can you keep track of current stock quantities, it is also possible to track the quantities on purchase orders and sales orders. You can set the minimum and maximum levels for the stock items and also the order levels. It provides you the ability to use color codes for highlighting the stock status. It also features comparing stock costs from different suppliers. The perfect business tool for your valuable asset, stock.

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