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Stock it Easy is an inventory software. It offers barcode scanning and enables the user to directly add products to the stock. The software also allows the user to create and email purchase orders to the suppliers directly from the program. An important feature of this software is that it helps the user to keep track of the entire inventory. It allows the user to sort out the inventory in various categories like purchased and sold. This helps the user to maintain record of the goods that are being sold and the amount of profit earned.

Stock it Easy is Excel compatible which in turn makes record keeping of the stock rather easy. This software also allows moving the stock from one location to another in case a customer is closer to another location. This program keeps track of the inventory and lets the user know about the products that he has in stock and the products that are not. This program also allows the user to add notes along with the products to avoid confusion or repetition. It also offers the choice of adding a photograph along with a product in the inventory which is a useful advantage.

The software is easily understandable and the different icons about the different task options of the software, help the user greatly. Stock it Easy has a website that answers FAQs and offers online support. This makes Stock It Easy a trustworthy software and worth the money.

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