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SambaPOS is an efficient software for restaurant owners who want a powerful POS software for their restaurants. By POS (Point Of Sale) we mean a point at which a customer makes a payment to a retailer in exchange for goods and gets a receipt for the transaction in return. SambaPOS creates and prints guest checks, print orders to kitchen and bars for preparation and process payment card and run reports.

It is an Open Source software and works perfectly on production environment. English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Hungarian, Turkish, Portuguese, Croatian are the languages that SambaPOS currently supports. The software is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8. It supports caller-id, hand-held terminals with RDP and touch screens. One can install and use the software for free on multiple computers and also add many users without any limits. Developed with C#, .net framework, entity framework, it is easy to understand and use.

SambaPOS implements Credit Card processing service. Restaurants give these cards to customers and sell credits. The funds can be spent by customers on the restaurant once added to the card. This is preferred by business people as they can make discounts to their customers instead of paying commission to card companies.

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