Download SalesPoint

SalesPoint is a business software designed to serve as the best point of sale tool for any business you own. Through its best in class functionalities, it stands as the perfect choice for anybody looking for a good business tool. Any business would surely get more productive by the use of a proper management solution for its processes. Inventory management is an important part of any business and by automating it using a good utility, one can save time and effort and enhance the business. SalesPoint is designed by keeping this in mind.

The best thing about this program is that it works on the cloud technology. Hence, it is possible to keep track of every detail of the business from anywhere. You can have a constant update on your staff and sales in real time wherever you are. For taking care of inventory management, a co-ordination among all the processes is maintained so that you have an accurate inventory status that can help you with decision making. Each sale is programmed to reduce the stock in inventory automatically. It is possible to manage more than one store with this tool. One can track all the products for different locations and receive information about the items to be reordered.

With this program, you can also keep track of products based on types and categories. It even supports barcode scanning. You can also maintain a database of suppliers, customers and products. It is also possible to send messages and emails to your customers through the program. Additionally, you have a calendar to track your bookings. An all in one solution for any business!