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A management information system with a difference! Office Material Management System is designed to control and manage the office material and the inventory for any business. The office materials like computers, cameras, printers, stationary, paper, calculators, etc. and the inventory items can be effectively handled by this system. The aim of the software is to reduce waste and increase utilization of materials through proper tracking and analysis of the usage. This will help any organization to increase the efficiency and reduce cost.

The main features of the program include inventory management, tracing material usage, statistics of consumption, material management, etc. With its powerful inventory management functions, it is possible to keep track of the quantities of inventory items and also forecast the inventory for enhanced business performance. With this tool, you can locate the materials at a single click due to the organization of materials in a proper manner by the application. Also, you can easily analyse the information like the usage of materials by different criteria like employee or department. One can also have a track of the employees in charge of the materials and their performance.

The aim of the program is to reduce the cost and wastage in the inventory of any business and speeding up the process of material management. It features a wizard like interface that makes it extremely simple to use. You can have a well organized database of your business information and also avail the backup and restore facility for the database. Download the best management system for your business today for free!

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