Medosoft Inventory 2011

Download Medosoft Inventory 2011

Today business softwares are in great demand. Inventory tools tend to help business owners a lot by automating the task of tracking the inventory items and managing it so that one can focus on the more productive tasks. Medosoft Inventory 2011 is an inventory tool that is highly recommended for small to large scale businesses as it has the option to customize itself to suit the needs of any business. The advanced technologies it uses make it one of the perfect tools for any business.

With this program, it is possible to manage different aspects of a business like customers, suppliers, items and employees. The important thing about this tool is the reports and three dimensional charts it produces to help you with the analysis of business information. It comes with more than thirty reports that you can generate and use for effective decision making. It is also possible to generate invoices with this application. You can even print them with customization. Employee wise sales can be tracked. It offers you search options too. With a support for bar code, it is easier to use. It even supports multiple companies and multiple users. It is also possible to restrict access for specific users.

The program allows exporting data to formats like excel, rtf, pdf and word. Take complete control of your inventory and other processes with the advanced features of this application. You can customize the reports this program generates and hence present the data the way you want. The perfect inventory tool!